“When’s That Book Coming?” Spring 2014 Update

I don’t want to alarm anyone but there is, in fact, actual news-ish stuff to report. Not firm dates yet, however, there is forward momentum in something.

First, did I write anything this past quarter?

Yes. Yes I did.


What I Wrote

I’d had a very, very rough draft of a book sitting here for a few months, and I finally went in and wrote the last 23K, bumping Frankenovel to 96K words. It’s been to the Beta of Awesome and I’m working on a coherent second draft now that hopefully disguises the fact that I am incompetent and terrible.


Still Flying

So, as to not sound like I’m having some kind of stress breakdown like the past few weeks’ posts might’ve implied: I’m fine. Exhausted and overwhelmed and (to mix my metaphors in  a moment) feeling like I’m sinking in deep water, but still going.  My pets are fine (aside from having a seizure, Blind Cat is apparently the most healthy seventeen-year-old cat ever). And I pick my ass up and keep going because what the fuck ever–shit keeps piling up and stuff breaks, and it’s all expensive, but it is much preferable to keep flying and do your best than feel bad about it.



photo (18)

At the end of March, Mum ended up taking in a new dog. In a nutshell, a coworker knew of a family who no longer wanted the dog, and she couldn’t take it but she knew the conditions the dog was living in, and Mum couldn’t bear to see her kept in that situation either, so she took her in.


Fuck You, Sheep


Basically the month keeps getting MORE FUN.

And by “fun” I mean not fun.

EVERY DAY there’s something (TV? Broken! Half the rent money? To the vet! Distressed cat? Shat on me in the car! Big editing thing? Blue Screen of Death LOST OVER 150 PAGES OF EDITS!) but no one’s dead yet, so there’s that.


The Body Knows Best

Tuesday night, after the launch of the fundraiser*–and on the heels of even more hours a day on the computer than I usually spend–I was working on one of the campaigns when the upper back/shoulder pain I’d been feeling throughout the day intensified. Not dull aches and pains but sharp shooting ones that made it impossible to sit/lie done/stand or hold any position for more than a few minutes. It crept around my right upper ribs, making it hard to breathe.


Evil Rises


It’s here! It’s here!

The fundraiser for Julie has started!


Where: Writer Edition is here, Reader Edition is here.

When: April 1 – 30

What: Raising money for Julie Butcher’s family.

Want a copy of Jim Butcher’s Skin Game before anyone else? How would you like to name a character in Charlaine Harris’ next Midnight novel? Or can you attend the Morganville Vampires web-series launch party? Do you have something you’d like to pitch to an agent? How about a critique from a professional editor? All this and more!


Calling on Evil…2014 Edition

ETA March 28: Okay, folks, this has gotten crazy big and unwieldy like a chainsaw I mentioned below. Despite shifting our plans around a bit with the fundraiser to accommodate, this is still massively huge (thank you!), and we do have certain limitations with how many perks we can list during the campaign at once. As such, a lot of items are on a wait list and might be combined into larger packages. There is a chance not everything from the past twenty-four hours might make it to the campaigns. We will do our best to use everything offered but well over a hundred donations of goods and services is staggering.


Getting to the Bottom of Guys on Top with Darien Cox


Darien Cox popped my cherry.

My m/m cherry, that is. Yes, prior to his work, I’d never m/m romance, but having worked with Cox his wonderful SF hetero erom debut, Fluid Motion (for reals, go read, because it’s delicious and fun with characters I adored), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on future books that were all m/m. And since then I’ve worked with Darien as an artist and an editor for nearly two years, and it was a thrill to see his work pay off when Seducing Professor Coyle took off last September. The streak continued when his sixth book, Criminal Pleasures, exploded on the m/m scene in November, and now we have Guys on Top.


Why I Write the Terrible Things I Write

This post came from this essay in the sense there were a few lines I’ve heard repeatedly in a lot of conversations over the years, which got me thinking on these topics, but it’s not a response to said essay. So while I may be using it as a jumping off point as it’s the most recent time I’ve read these sorts of comments, it’s not about that other post and if you have problems with that essay, it’s best to take it to the original site in question.


25% Off for Read an eBook Week


Apparently this is a thing? I have no idea, except that it coincides with me finally getting off my ass and setting up a webstore here with my eBooks, so there you go.

It also coincides with my beloved e-ink Kindle (fuck these fancy backlit/bright screens) dying on me, so it’s kind of DON’T read an eBook week for me until I get another. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.


Then There Was That Time I Finished Frankenovel


I finally, finally, FINALLY finished a workable draft of Odin’s Spear (Livi #2).

Also known on Twitter as “Frankenovel.”

Why? Because it was sewn together with parts. Out of order. I never write like this, ever. I write linear because writing those moments I want LATER are incentive to finish the hard slog, plus even when I know how a book is going to end (Exhumed), the entire tone can shift by the time I get there after I’ve filled in all the gaps. But this book? With this book, I was so eager to grasp a hold of ANY writing I might love, I just gave myself permission to write whatever I fucking wanted to because my words were broken and I was miserable.


It’s That Time of Year Again


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m spending the day with my significant other, the muse. All day. No exceptions; I don’t care if you’re bleeding from the head, it’s Me and The Story and nothing else.  I’ll be at the pub having great locally brewed beer and nachos, and sharing the date internationally is my friend Mel, who will be writing at her local pub as well (in theory, except her town is having a “state of emergency” because they ran out of rock salt and can’t just use dirt on the roads because apparently they hate fun and want her to stay home).