The Rescheduled Birthday

I cancelled my birthday in September this year.

I was so ill at that point stuck in bed 24/7, I just didn’t want any celebrations/presents/etc. I couldn’t eat anything, I was deeply depressed not knowing what was wrong with me, struggling to pay bills when I could barely work, and it was MY birthday, after all. I didn’t want to feel worse than I already did. So, cancellation. (I do this periodically.)


The Call Is Coming from Inside the House (On Side Effects & Perspective)

I am not an anti-medicine/science person. I’m staunchly pro-vaccine. I greet a lot of “alternative” treatment ideas with a raised brow without studies to back them up. Anecdotal “cayenne pepper cured my cancer” stories will drastically drop my estimation of your intelligence.


A Man-Wolf, Hellhound, and Quest for Something Shiny


Because fanservice short stories are awesome…

Bite Me: A Stranger Things Story

It’s hard not to be resentful when someone comes along and takes everything over, and Billy has had enough. Just because someone saved your life doesn’t mean they own it.


Not Dead Yet

AKA “When’s that book coming?” Fall ’14 Edition and “Why the hell aren’t you online anymore, Skyla?”


So I’m not dead yet, despite recent appearances to the contrary.

I’m sick and I can’t be fixed, though. Which wasn’t really the outcome I was hoping for, since I already have a chronic illness called being bipolar that takes up a lot of my energy.


Signed Print Books

photo 2 (1)

ETA: You can now purchase signed print copies of River in my shop right here.


Signed River print books are $10 + shipping (which varies depending on your location). If you want them signed to someone in particular, please make a note of it in the PayPal note box, otherwise it’ll just include my signature.* If it’s for a gift, like a birthday, please make a note of that as well (and double check name spelling). Ensure your correct address is listed with PayPal because that’s where the book will be shipped.


Shiny Pretties

These arrived yesterday.

Any concern about Createspace’s quality is nonexistent–they came out lovely.

The books are 5×8, 272 pages. It looks quite a bit thicker than the original River paperback at that size.

In reality, the novel is only a touch longer than the original version–River 1.0 was about 71K, River 2.0 is about 76K. Nothing added, some scenes trimmed, and still a little on the long end for a YA novel.


Print, Compromise, Gratitude


RIVER is now in print*, a few days later than expected. You’ll find it on Amazon here.

I ended up making some compromises on things I didn’t think I would. I was adamant, initially, that if I was going to put out a book in print, I’d use LSI. Their print books are excellent quality. That was the intention with RIVER. But besides LSI’s set up fees that require them to have a credit card on hand, there’s a fee to keep a book in print year to year. The yearly fee isn’t much per title but my print sales tend to be extremely low and RIVER in ebook has barely sold at all, so the odds of me making enough to justify keeping the book at LSI year to year seemed unlikely to me. I figured I’d eventually move it to Createspace anyway, which is free–and I already have an account there, so the more books, the sooner I get a cheque–and I might as well do it now.


New(ish) Release: RIVER


Today’s the day. River’s been resurrected from my harddrive and is now once again available for purchase.

Kindle people:
iBookstore shoppers:
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Buy Direct (multi-formats):


Early RIVER Tour Kickoff & Pre-order

Although the official tour start is next Monday with the release of River, the first stop is actually today at Coffee Thoughts. I talk a little about the history of the book and the crowdfunding campaign here. There’s also a link to the Rafflecopter Giveaway, a River Swag Pack featuring a tote bag, poster, wolf charm bookmark, wolf pendant, the pocket version of Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, and a DVD/Blu-Ray combo of Ginger Snaps (my favourite werewolf movie).


One Week Until River’s Resurrection


Just one week to go.


I admit, I set the release date and tour date to coincide with my initial promises made during the funding campaign, which was planned before I realized I’d be chronically ill with no help for three months now, so I’m kind of FREAKING THE FUCK OUT at the moment. I’m exhausted, not everything’s done yet, and I’m pushed well beyond my limits right now, but so it goes.


I Just Can’t Even

cmt-medium (2)

I just…



Okay. Lots of people say smart things and do thorough takedowns of this wtfery. I will leave it to John Scalzi, Chuck Wendig, and Matt Wallace.  The New York Times covers the bizarre Orwell bit as well. Because, I mean, even if you AGREE with Amazon, these tactics are just…I don’t even.


The River Update


Although I’m a little behind my self-imposed deadlines because of health issues, we’re still on track for the end of the month for River‘s re-release. The only thing left for me to buy will be the paperback books to ship to contributors (which might end up being early September instead of late August).


This Thing I Learned at Age 31

So I’ve been sick for…a while.

Since the middle of May, in fact.

May was kind of a blur for me because I had a stress breakdown after the fundraiser for Julie, I couldn’t afford food, I had the therapy dog test coming up, Sophie had her six month checkup, and then Jilly-bean rapidly became ill and went down hill and died the beginning of June. It seems I might’ve had a virus or something and I probably didn’t notice because I was already weak and tired and constantly dizzy by the sudden drop in daily calories while I was rationing food. But one thing stuck.


“When’s That Book Coming?” Summer Update (AKA On Oblivion)

What’s New

First, Soulless is over, all but the first five chapters are down from the site, but the full book is available in the store. It’s still PWYC (sorta–there are a bunch of price options in lieu of the old donation button) with the lowest option being $3 because this is a full-length novel–not a novella or short story, but just a little shorter than my usual work–and that seemed fair.


Throwback Thursday

sophiepuppy (1)

Sophie as a puppy when I got her fourteen years ago this week.