Soundtrack Sunday – DIAL V FOR VAMPIRE Edition


I ended up skipping the Damaged soundtrack as there wasn’t really anything new for Zara songs (other than “Titanium” by David Guetta ft Sia, both the original and this cover), so we go straight to Dial V for Vampire.

This one’s a bit bittersweet. Dial V‘s soundtrack also would’ve been Solace‘s (book six)–that’s how it’s labelled on iTunes for me and what I used when writing this novella. When I pulled it out to set up this draft post a month ago, the music made me nostalgic and I got that sad, “I want to write these books” feeling, and thought maybe, MAYBE, I could try swinging one book a year later despite the horrifically low sales because I so want to tell more of these stories.


The Thing They Don’t Tell You

Yesterday I got excellent news from Dr. M, my specialist. My MRI showed no active disease and I’m not that badly damaged yet, I don’t yet require surgery, and I seem to be tolerating the medication well. I can cut down on my visits to her AND my frequent bloodwork.


Soundtrack Sunday – EXHUMED Edition


When we last left Zara, she had fun kickass songs. Now…angst, angst, and MOAR ANGST.

It’s the Exhumed playlist.

Note: A lot of the standard Zara songs from the Bloodlines soundtrack also apply here but I didn’t want to repeat them.


An Update About Rebellion


So that River Wolfe short story I told you about, Rebellion, is in progress still, and I’ve got a better sense now about what I’m doing with it.

The thing is, it’s long.

Hella-long. Because of course it is, I can’t fucking write short stories. *sigh*


Paperbacks, Bundles, and The New Ryann


The Demons of Oblivion series is once again available in paperback. You can now buy Hunter, Lineage, and Exhumed in print. (The new edition of Bloodlines is coming soon.)

Unfortunately, they’re exclusive to Amazon at this time. If there’s interest in buying from me direct, I might be able to pick up some copies to sell in my shop. I can’t afford to drop a chunk of change on buying them up front but please let me know if you’re interested (and what titles you might want) so I can keep that in mind. I might set them up in the shop on backorder (same with Soulless) so people can order with the understanding it’ll take a few weeks.


The Hill You Die On

I have tried so very, very hard not to get into this. The whole FSoG thing just makes me tired and has since it first came out, so I mostly ignore it.

But of course, if something irks me, eventually I’ll find my way to my blog about it.

With the movie coming out and everyone watching/hate-watching it, every single day there are a dozen new opinion pieces on it. (And this post, btw, is not an opinion piece on the books, movie, etc, but on one segment of the conversation about the subject.) Besides the usual batch of “this story not only depicts wrong BDSM practices and abuse, it normalizes/romanticizes it, and that’s a bad thing” ones, there’s been a sharp push in the other direction.


Soundtrack Sunday – LINEAGE Edition


What does Peri like to listen to when she’s brutally killing someone? The answer might surprise you. Read on for my Lineage playlist.


Godsmack – “I Stand Alone
This has been Peri’s theme for as long as I can remember. It’s dark. It’s violent. It’s about being used as a pawn by others and realizing, well, that you stand alone.
Make me believe that this place isn’t plagued by the poison in me//Help me decide if my fire will burn out before you can breathe


Soundtrack Sunday – HUNTER Edition


Trailer music! Acoustic stuff! Christian rock! It’s time for Hunter‘s playlist.


Globus – “Diem Ex Dei
Ignoring the junk Latin lyrics for a moment, this is the song I most associate with Ryann, my demon-hunting nun. The slow build, the almost plaintive quality to it: I picture Ryann drawing her katana, light glimmering on its edge, a silver cross at her throat, the determined look in her eyes as she goes to battle.


Thank You

Fuck Everything Tara

So yeah, this happened, and everything is terrible.

It’s been a really rough week/month/three months/what have you; without going into a Whine and listing my many panic-inducing woes from the past while, suffice to say the biggest problem is that on top of everything I’m tapering down one of my medications and, chemically, my body cannot handle stress. This sheer fact seemed to be a beacon to the Gods of Stress to throw All The Stressful Things at me at once, and as a result, I’ve been crying like a fucking dork off and on all week.


Dearth of Empathy and Death of Zara Lain

First, the ground rules:

  1. I have been published for nine years and pirated for eight of them. Whatever pro-piracy, “chillax” argument you are going to make, I have heard it. And I don’t care. Your comments on this subject will not be approved.
  2. Speaking of, I have a very detailed comment policy. In a nutshell, when you visit my blog and step into my virtual home, you are entitled to my opinion; I am not entitled to yours.
  3. Since the point of this post is compassion and empathy, or lack thereof, I do recommend you step back and consider that before reacting in a way that proves my point.
  4. You can believe that piracy is great and right and STILL respect others’ wishes/opinions in this matter. I think vodka is great. I do not force others to partake of it.



Zara Lain is dead.

I’ve had very simple policies regarding books in the Demons of Oblivion series and its continuation.

The first is that future books depend on sales. As it was initially conceived as a five-book series (and only when I realized how Oblivion ended did I know there should be more books) with a particular arc that came to a conclusion with the fifth book, I knew I could end it at five and hopefully readers would be satisfied, but that there was room for more. And even after I said last year that I needed to let go of the possibility of book six and beyond since sales were so poor (despite being 3x what they were with a publisher) and it was stressing me out, I have always left the door open for more (for confirmation, check the description of the Patreon milestone “Oblivion and Beyond”).


Soundtrack Sunday – BLOODLINES Edition


So we’re going back like ten years for Bloodlines; I don’t even have access to the original computer I wrote it on, let alone the full playlist, but a couple of songs stuck in my head, and a handful of new ones were there when I rewrote it in 2011.


When Mental Health Stigma Makes You Physically Sick

It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day.

So let’s talk.

As blog/Twitter followers are aware, I got seriously sick last year (and I’m in remission, but still recovering). Sicker, physically, than I have ever been in my life–the last time I was so ill I had to see a doctor was when I had pneumonia in middle school.


Soundtrack Sunday – RIVER Edition

So I’m working on a little short story at last that I’d wanted to include with River but didn’t (as I was really sick when that book came out and not writing at all), called Rebellion. I’ll have more news on that later, but I’ve once again pulled out my River playlist while writing it and thought I’d re-share.


“When’s That Book Coming?” Winter 2015 Update


What’s New

Well, that’d be Patreon for starters.

Next up, Soulless is now on all other platforms for $4.99 as of today. It’s also still available direct. And here’s the paperback on Amazon. I currently don’t have signed copies available but when I do, they’ll be added to the shop.


Crowdfunding, Patrons, & Thoughts

ICYMI, a YA author was kickstarting the costs to write and produce the sequel to a book publishers passed on, and this included her living expenses while writing. The internet exploded, what could’ve been a nuanced discussion about crowdfunding and the burden of costs in publishing turned into The Sharks vs The Jets (as everything on the internet is wont to do), the author was doxxed, and everything is terrible.