This Thing I Learned at Age 31

So I’ve been sick for…a while.

Since the middle of May, in fact.

May was kind of a blur for me because I had a stress breakdown after the fundraiser for Julie, I couldn’t afford food, I had the therapy dog test coming up, Sophie had her six month checkup, and then Jilly-bean rapidly became ill and went down hill and died the beginning of June. It seems I might’ve had a virus or something and I probably didn’t notice because I was already weak and tired and constantly dizzy by the sudden drop in daily calories while I was rationing food. But one thing stuck.


“When’s That Book Coming?” Summer Update (AKA On Oblivion)

What’s New

First, Soulless is over, all but the first five chapters are down from the site, but the full book is available in the store. It’s still PWYC (sorta–there are a bunch of price options in lieu of the old donation button) with the lowest option being $3 because this is a full-length novel–not a novella or short story, but just a little shorter than my usual work–and that seemed fair.


An Update


So it looks like Sophie has Cushing’s (hyperadrenocorticism). Which is what we suspected two years ago, but tests are expensive and her health improved so we didn’t go looking.

Thankfully, it took only some brief refreshing before I once again became a walking encyclopedia on the topic.


River: Resurrected

Since River‘s been resurrected, there is an exclusive cover reveal over at My World…in words and pages. The funding period ends on Friday (the 13th).

I am sincerely grateful for everything everyone chipped in, and I feel terrible for not being more enthusiastic, but April and May were both terrible months for me and June has not gone well either. My elderly dog also has tests tomorrow, and if the results show the antibiotics haven’t helped and it’s not an infection we’re dealing with, it’s probably something worse and too expensive to treat, and I just cannot even think about it; I’ll have a nervous breakdown if I lose my dog right now too.


Goodbye, Jilly-bean

Blind Cat

Yesterday, I lost a member of my family–Jilly-bean, aka Blind Cat.

Mum got her from a shelter when she was about nine months old. She’s always loved torties, and when she brought this little kitty out of the cage and held her on her back like a baby, she purred and ran her front paws over Mum’s face. And that was when she knew she needed to bring her home.




Four years old, junior kindergarten, the bell has rung and kids are filtering into the classroom after changing into their indoor shoes. I’m one of the first to sit on the carpet to wait while the teacher is occupied outside the door directing kids inside. A boy from my class stands in front of me and exposes his penis a foot from my face.


Resurrecting River Wolfe

Shawn and Gus dance, Psych

Well, I’ve gone and done it, hitting the “go live” button on the crowdfunding campaign to re-release River.


Everything you could possibly want to know, about perks and donation levels and stretch goals is on the site. The campaign runs until Friday, June 13th, because I have a terrible sense of humor. I won’t be going overboard advertising this, so if y’all could spread the word, I’d greatly appreciate it.


On Diversity and Identification

There’s a hashtag worth checking out on Twitter and the ensuing conversation today: #WeNeedDiverseBooks

I used to teach workshops and courses for young writers (sometimes teens, sometimes even younger). There was a common pattern I noticed: kids, particularly very young ones, tended to write stories about protagonists who looked like them. I remember one girl who wrote about a worm, sometimes someone might write about a puppy, but if there was a human protagonist–even in a fantasy setting–the writer’s “default” character resembled them in gender, ethnicity, usually hair and eye colour, and often his or her home life.


“When’s That Book Coming?” Spring 2014 Update

I don’t want to alarm anyone but there is, in fact, actual news-ish stuff to report. Not firm dates yet, however, there is forward momentum in something.

First, did I write anything this past quarter?

Yes. Yes I did.


What I Wrote

I’d had a very, very rough draft of a book sitting here for a few months, and I finally went in and wrote the last 23K, bumping Frankenovel to 96K words. It’s been to the Beta of Awesome and I’m working on a coherent second draft now that hopefully disguises the fact that I am incompetent and terrible.


Still Flying

So, as to not sound like I’m having some kind of stress breakdown like the past few weeks’ posts might’ve implied: I’m fine. Exhausted and overwhelmed and (to mix my metaphors in  a moment) feeling like I’m sinking in deep water, but still going.  My pets are fine (aside from having a seizure, Blind Cat is apparently the most healthy seventeen-year-old cat ever). And I pick my ass up and keep going because what the fuck ever–shit keeps piling up and stuff breaks, and it’s all expensive, but it is much preferable to keep flying and do your best than feel bad about it.



photo (18)

At the end of March, Mum ended up taking in a new dog. In a nutshell, a coworker knew of a family who no longer wanted the dog, and she couldn’t take it but she knew the conditions the dog was living in, and Mum couldn’t bear to see her kept in that situation either, so she took her in.


Fuck You, Sheep


Basically the month keeps getting MORE FUN.

And by “fun” I mean not fun.

EVERY DAY there’s something (TV? Broken! Half the rent money? To the vet! Distressed cat? Shat on me in the car! Big editing thing? Blue Screen of Death LOST OVER 150 PAGES OF EDITS!) but no one’s dead yet, so there’s that.