The Stories We’ll Never Tell

This posted the day of Aunt Judy’s funeral. It was during the light luncheon afterward that I spoke to her brother and he said her intellectual property rights–her legacy–would go to me. Then came the tracking down her publishers, the signed copyright transfer, the taking stock of things and formulating a plan as to how best keep her work alive. And yes, that is yet another post, one that I will write for the Evil League of Evil Writers in a few months, because IP rights and inheritance is an important consideration for writers.




Hello, doves; this will serve as the book SOTU summer update.

So the last few months have been very stressful, and not in the wow-look-at-all-my-money-and-good-fortune-how-do-I-handle-all-this? way. About every two to three weeks something terrible seems to befall me or someone around me, from deaths in the family (including four-legged ones) to my own distressing health issues, and now on the heels of a pet emergency, my mother has had an injury and I’m the sole caregiver while she’s unable to walk.


In Memoriam – Judy Bagshaw

Today is a very difficult day, as I’ll be at the service for Judy Bagshaw, who passed away May 24, 2015.

It shouldn’t be difficult, she wouldn’t want it to be. She always told me she wanted a big celebration instead of a funeral (as opposed to me, who wants everyone dressed in black and professional mourners hired to throw themselves weeping upon my grave), with lots of laughter and music. (She always liked the idea of the New Orleans jazz funeral procession.)


Evil for Judy

25/05 Update: I am very sad to announce that Aunt Judy passed away last night. She was told of all your eviltry on the weekend and it brought a smile to her, so thank you for that. If you would, please continue with Evil for Judy and leave a comment. It means a lot to me. ~S


No, I’m Not Dying

So regular followers know that periodically I have to go dark for days/weeks and stay offline, usually to protect my mental health (and if I don’t say this ahead of time, I get panicked phone calls…I’ve had to learn I can’t just disappear, and I will probably never get used to people worrying about me). This was intended not so much to protect me, but protect you (the collective you). You know the scene in Exhumed where Zara’s hovering on the knife’s edge of grief and rage, and she attacks the pizza boy, and then lies in the guest room in the dark? And Nic comes to see what’s wrong and Zara merely has to warn that she’s not safe to be around, and Nic goes on her way?


On Hiatus

Fuck Everything

So it’s been a really awful month (well, two years, but esp month) at Chez Skyla and today was the devastating icing on the worst fucking cake ever made. I am not well and will be on blog/internet/humanity hiatus for a while. 

Please see Dina James for all your eviltry needs. Should you venture into my presence, it is in your best interest to be kind. 


Soundtrack Sunday – SOULLESS Edition


It’s time for the Soulless soundtrack!

I really had to dig back for this, I wrote it in 2009 or so, one computer ago. I do recall I wrote huge chunks of it over a couple of days listening to a lot of Leonard Cohen but I don’t remember which songs in particular.



Yesterday I lost my twelve-year-old bunny.

The ex got her for my birthday all those years ago, when she was four months old. She hated me pretty much from day one.

“Skyla, you’re a crazy cat lady! All animals love you!”

No, not this one.


Princess Skyla

I thought the blog could use some levity after my de facto eulogy (thank you, again, to all of you who offered condolences), but I’m up to here *points to eyeballs* in work and playing catch-up, plus a new round of tests and appointments with a new doctor (WHEE, ANOTHER ONE), and I haven’t really got anything clever to say.


Goodbye, Daddy

photo 1 (3)

My dad died Monday night. Today’s the funeral.

He was not a perfect man; he had a great many flaws, and a great many demons that often got the best of him. And it left me pretty messed up for much of my life–enough that I could’ve taken (and have) dozens of books to work through it all and barely scratch the surface. To this day, the most vivid memory I have from childhood is one of terror and violence, of being six years old and scared of my own dad as he met my eyes through the spidery cracks of the windshield he was trying to kick in.


The “When’s That Book Coming?” Spring 2015 Edition


What’s New

Dear god, there’s actually STUFF for this update!

Demons of Oblivion

First, the Demons of Oblivion series is in paperback again.

Their covers match the ebook editions. You can find them at CreateSpace and Amazon. There aren’t currently any available in my shop–if you hate Amazon and/or want signed copies, let me know what titles you want to buy and I’ll see about ordering them, I just can’t afford to part with a chunk of change and no guarantee people will buy them right now. I already have one person interested and I hoping to get some ordered this month.


Accepting Limitations

Yesterday and today were a busy few days at Chez Skyla’s–instead of scrambling to hold onto the ledge at the end of this month financially, I have a little extra to play with (shifting me from Crushing Poverty to Able-to-Breathe-a-Little-as-Long-as-I-Don’t-Move-Too-Much Poverty), so I promptly went out and bought new cleaning supplies and have been mopping floors and scrubbing the tub and cleaning the cupboards and and and–


To Cuntania with You, CleanReader

Oh, you guys.

You guys, I have OPINIONS on something, and I’ve brought out THE GIFS, so you’d best run away now.

A couple of weeks ago, writer friend Adrienne Jones brought up the CleanReader app at the Evil League of Evil Writers, and initially I thought it was a parody because it sounded just so fucking ridiculous, but apparently it’s not. So I ranted a little and kind of forgot about it.


And…That’s It


Rebellion‘s concluded and the story is now offline.

If you missed it, you can buy your very own copy in PDF, EPUB, or MOBI either on my site or Payhip. (Payhip, I believe, can deliver at least Kindle files the way Amazon does, possibly the Nook ones too.) Similarly, if you enjoyed it and want your very own copy, there you go. For print collectors, you should be able to find it on Amazon this weekend or Monday.


Soundtrack Sunday – REBELLION Edition


Lord, save me from male characters who make me listen to sappy music.

So anyway, I snagged a bunch of songs from the River soundtrack and built from there, so there’s some crossover. Without further ado, here is the Rebellion playlist, just in time for you to buy the novella now or read it briefly for free starting tomorrow.